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How did our parents and grandparents find the time to go to war?  Why am I asking?  Because I want you to give some thought to something that is as urgent as war.

Canadian government debt now exceeds 1.5 Trillion dollars [$1,500,000,000,000.00] and will reduce our standard of living and our freedoms, and those of future generations, unless we present taxpayers rise up against the ever increasing size and cost of government. John Adams said: “There are two ways to enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.”

Many of our parents and grandparents faced the threat of being enslaved by the “sword” and felt obliged to give years of their lives in defense of our country and our freedoms.  Approximately 110,000 young Canadian men actually gave their lives! Their combined efforts and resulting triumph in two world wars led to a period of freedom and prosperity that is unparalleled in history.

However, we as a society were not content to protect ourselves only from foreign threats. In the past fifty years we have increased the size, scope and cost of government, using debt and deficits, to a point where most of the Western world is on the ‘road to Greece’. Our generation and, more importantly, future generations are now on the verge of being enslaved by debt.  

Debt is a lot like carbon monoxide: by the time you know there is a problem, the damage is done. Fortunately, there have been a number of warning signs of the danger of growing public debt including the near collapse of the Greek, and other, economies and the bankruptcy of a number of U.S. cities such as Detroit. But what can ordinary Canadians do to stop Canada or Alberta or Quebec or Ontario from mortgaging our country’s future?

The Economic Education Association was formed to: “Foster greater opportunity through economic education and constructive dialogue.” We are determined not to be ‘enslaved by government debt’ and we intend to mobilize an “army” of taxpayers committed to leaving our country in a sound financial situation by exposing and opposing government debt and deficits at the municipal, provincial and federal level while thoughtfully articulating the merits and rewards of free markets, limited government and individual initiative.

If you say that you are not interested in politics, I will leave you with two thoughts.

1. My grandfather was not interested in war either, but he still went TWICE so his children, grandchildren and future generations could have a better life.

2. We inherited a better life due to the hard work and sacrifice of our grandparents. Are we doing the same for future generations?

If you will join in securing a better future, please do one or all of the following.

1. Check out our website: www.freedomtalk.ca

2. Forward this letter to your friends. It can be read and downloaded at: www.dannyhozack.com

3. Send us your suggestions as to how we can build a better future: info@freedomtalk.ca

4. Join our Economic Education Association: www.freedomtalk.ca